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London Visited

May 18, 2022

In this the third and final episode in our look at one of London's most iconic building we go inside and look at the construction, statues and art work.

Join us....

May 11, 2022

In this second podcast on one of London's most iconic places we look at the structure of the building created by Wren and the outer building, with so much of the design inspired from across Europe!

Join us as we find out more...

May 4, 2022

Welcome to the first of our three part look at St Paul's Cathedral, the iconic landmark across the London skyline.

In this episode we give you an overview of the history of one of London's most famous buildings....

Apr 27, 2022

In this podcast we head out west to find out the history behind Earl Court. Once home to the Exhibition Centre there is so much more to this small piece of London. Join us as we find out more...

Apr 20, 2022

An iconic place to visit for both those living in London or visiting London, to see people give their speeches on whatever topic they like.

Also a key place for demonstrations and the place where the suffragettes campaigned for the women's vote.

Join us as we look at the history of this corner...